How it works


Choose your TITAN Tray length to suit your vehicle and needs.

+  FT1212 (1200 x 1200mm)flat-tray-1800

+  FT1812 (1800 x 1200mm)

+  FT2012 (2000 X 1200mm)

Keep it flat or add rails and turn your tray into a basket.

Select from a range of brackets and accessory holders to carry all of your toys.


The TITAN Flat Tray System can be customised to suit every need, from the family requiring extra storage to the 4WD enthusiast that needs somewhere to store the recovery kit.  The TITAN rails and accessories range will cover all the toys for your next trip.  All accessories come with drop and turn bolts for easy mounting along any channel you choose.


Quick and easy, you can have your TITAN Tray fitted and ready to go in minutes. Universal mounting kits allow fitment to all popular sports and heavy duty roof racks.